Confidence Mirage - Avoid at All Costs

acc affirmation confidence complex Mar 02, 2024

In "Confidence Mirage - Avoid at All Costs," Scott Stanfield from Epimindset dives deep into the pitfalls of relying on external affirmations to fuel our self-esteem. Discover why the quest for constant approval leads to a fragile sense of self-worth and how it can trap you in a cycle of neediness and false bravado. Scott reveals the dirty fuel of FAPA (fear, anger, proving, acceptance) that powers this endless loop and offers insights on building genuine, lasting confidence from within. If you're tired of the exhausting chase for external validation and ready to cultivate a robust, independent sense of self, this video is your first step toward true empowerment. Watch now to transform your approach to confidence and start fueling your success with authenticity.

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